When you Listen to the Whispers, all things are known.

Little Forest behind my home

What is the Whispering Earth School of Remembering?

Memory moves through the spirit world and can be accessed and shared.  As a society we have collectively forgotten the ways of the ancients, the value of our Earth connection and the vastness of mystery that is ours to discover.  The role of tradition, intuition and the divine feminine can enhance our experience of the world.  Recovering the myths and legends of our folk tells us a story of their collective wisdom, values and beliefs.  Sitting together in sacred circle, we can weave together the ways of the ancients with our own innate knowledge and create a blanket of deep wisdom to pass on to future generations.

We need not learn…we need only to remember.

Goals of WESR:

  1. To build sacred and supportive community amongst peoples interested in honouring and remembering their connection to the Earth upon which they live.
  2. To enhance healing by connection to the land upon which one lives (as did our ancient ancestors) and to hear the unique voice of that land.
  3. To honour the Ancestors and open to their teachings through connection to Spirit and accessing otherworld.

Some of the offerings include:

  • One & Two Year Celtic Healer Apprenticeship
  • Shamanic courses – journeying, drumming, ceremony
  • Journey through the Celtic Roth Na Bliana (Wheel of the Year)
  • Reiki – all levels


Journey through the Celtic Roth Na Bliana (Wheel of the Year)

WE Wheel of Year Intro