Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet

Soul Medicine Retreat

SOUL MEDICINE is a ceremonial journey carefully facilitated and rooted in ancient wisdom traditions that still call to us today. Through these we reconnect to our deepest and most authentic self.

This training will explore using soul medicine in a sacred way, through ceremony and held space.   

This training will be experiential.  In ceremony there will be opportunity to explore the setting of intention, connecting with the medicine and entering into non-ordinary reality both with the medicine and outside of the medicine. 

Deciding to hold space for someone while they are on a psychedelic is a significant decision. Guiding someone on a psychedelic journey can be very gratifying. You can help support people as they seek deep healing and clarity—or simply support them, holding space through a very challenging moment. A psychedelic guide can be the impetus to a very in depth experience, bringing compassion and intention to the journey. 

Currently, more and more people are becoming curious about using psychedelics to heal.  People are seeking psychedelic experiences and require ethical, compassionate guides to sit with them.  However, because psychedelics are still largely illegal, it can be very hard to find someone trustworthy to guide one through the journey.

In this training, you will be provided the introductory tools to build framework for guiding others.  This includes how to help a person prepare for, navigate, and process their psychedelic experience. We will cover what questions to ask someone before they journey to make sure they are ready. We also cover how to set up a space for the journey and how to best support a person through a challenging experience.

This course is not intended to teach people how to be a psychedelic therapist. It is training designed to prepare you to sit with another individual experiencing a psychedelic journey.

In this training you will:

  • Learn the Shamanic Journey as a tool in communicating with Spirit and Nature
  • Experience ceremonies informed by soul medicine
  • Learn how to sit for another who is experiencing soul medicine
  • Learn the basics of integration (weaving the teachings from the journey into life)
  • Learn about the importance of set, setting and intention
  • Participate in holding sacred space

You are encouraged to bring to this experience: your wisdom, curiosity, experience, strengths, and your ability to learn and grow. By bringing your authentic self and healing yourself, you will be an effective and compassionate guide for those who seek healing.

The inner healer is present in us all, waiting to be awoken!

Be aware that strong emotional reactions can come up during the medicine journey and within the retreat itself.  We will build a safe container that allows us to process our experiences without judgement and to support one another in our individual and unique journey’s.

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