kb-SSB-AstarteWhat is Shadow work?

Shadow work is a crucial piece of healing our lives and spirits.  Shadow work is about leaning into those places within that we tend to shrink from; depression, anger, traumatic memories, cultural/ancestral wounding.  Shadow work turns you inward, toward the darkness that you (we all) carry and discover the lessons, and yes, even the beauty that rests there.  When our Shadow is left unexamined and repressed, it finds ways of expression that do not serve our healing and our success in life; relationships, work, spiritual and emotional development.

What is the Shadow?

Our shadow begins to develop when we are young children.  It grows as we grow, becoming a deeply entrenched part of our whole self.  It is made up of trauma, some of which we may recall, some of which we have no memory of, some of which we carry from ancestral wounding.  It becomes beliefs, habits, behaviours, thoughts and reactions that are harmful to our spirit and to the world that surrounds us.  It may lead us into isolation, violence, depression, etc., and will continue to lead us until it is fully realized and understood.

How do I come to know my Shadow?

The pathways towards our Shadow are many.  They include body, mind and spirit.  We need to move past the “talk” therapy that intellectualizes a deeply held experience and move into a felt sense of our Shadow through creative expression, journeying into the darkness, and relying on Nature and Spirit to see us through.  Guidance and facilitation of this process is crucial.

I offer individual and group work to explore the Shadow, I invite you to contact me for more information.

*Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet