A Forest Medicine Journey Workshop

Experience the power of intention and plant medicine.

Join us on a sacred journey into the light.

You are invited to a deliberate group journey to amplify your intention to return to the light as the days lengthen and we awaken from our seasonal slumber.

Deborah Hollins and Kim LeDuc are offering to teach and hold space for learning the ways of the sacred journey back to your light in body, mind and spirit.

This is a two day, over night (optional) experience which will lay the foundation of the journey of the spirit from a druidic tradition. Our influences are traditional to our ancestry, creatively remembered and borrowed from the many sacred wisdom traditions of the world.

We will journey without medicine on Friday and with forest medicine on Saturday.

This retreat is for those people who feel truly ready to deepen within a group of women and build community.

During the retreat we will be exploring:

  • Ceremony: setting our intentions as individuals and as a group
  • Honouring our Ancestors: calling in those who would journey with us
  • Yoga: calming and expansive
  • Earthing: deeply grounding to the land
  • Dancing: 5 rhythms dance to move and express our sacred bodies
  • Community building: coming together to heal, renew and refresh

If you are interested in this experience, please email and Deborah or Kim will be in touch to assess your readiness for welcoming this experience at this time.

Meet Your Teachers!

Kim LeDuc is a body worker, healer, seeker and explorer. Kim knows that healing is possible for all and that we heal within a web; not only for ourselves but for one another.

Trained in counseling, yoga, massage and body therapies, Kim has honed her natural, empathic abilities to read the body and to work with energy and plant medicine to restore and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. By studying ancient wisdom traditions and learning from the Plant Nation, Kim has come to deeply trust in the power of transformational ceremony.

Kim has committed her life to the healing path and walks this path in the company of her Ancestors and those healers who have come before. Awakening the healer within and remembering the beauty of life is her greatest joy.

Kim is deeply committed to ethical and wise practices and creates safe and sacred space within which others can explore transformation. From Kim: “May beauty, wonder, delight and peace return balance to your being; body, mind and spirit.”

Deborah Hollins is a ceremonialist, folk healer, dance/drum circle facilitator, teacher and social worker. After many years of seeking Deborah found herself in Ireland…land of her Ancestors.  Walking upon the green, rolling hills and valleys she felt as though she was truly home.  This had a deep impact on her as she realized that her sense of being lost was due to the disconnection between herself and the great and ancient experience of her kin.  Sitting within the ageless mounds of Ireland, she came to a deep understanding of what is lost when we don’t know our roots, the stories of our folk, the rich and illustrious history of our clans, tribes and people.

Deborah say’s: “My best teachers have been those with whom I have sat in circle; danced, drummed, laughed and cried with, and been privileged to learn from their collective stories, wisdom and experiences.”

Registration Details

Date: Friday May 13, 2022 @ 12pm – Saturday May 14, 2022 @ 6pm

Cost: Cost for this journey is $275: includes shared accommodation and a meal on Friday and Saturday evening*

*It is our commitment to make this an affordable experience. If you are able to give more, please know that will be used to enable someone who may not otherwise be able to attend.