Join us for a two day workshop and create your own medicine doll with Deborah Hollins of Whispering Earth Creations on Sept 28th & 29th.⠀

For centuries healers have been creating spirit and medicine dolls, weaving into their creations the wisdom of the ancestors and the healing power of nature. The process begins deeply within; originating from our own sacred connection to the Creator. We connect with the power of our ancestors, our guides and sacred familiar to work with the textiles and natural materials that give birth to the doll that desires to come forth. ⠀

Creating sacred objects by hand allows for us to enter into spirit world and to hear the voices of love, deep wisdom and healing. We become the weaver, the Creator, and in doing so come into relationship with our true authentic power. ⠀

In the Sacred Circle where we will give birth to our doll; we will journey to our ancestors, create a medicine bundle to be placed within our doll, and embrace the beauty of the natural world (flowers, herbs, stones, beads) to adorn our doll as an expression of inner wisdom. ⠀

You will learn the art of needle felting, a process of soft sculpture that works with wool. You will create a doll that will be the vessel of your ancestors, god/dess, legendary or mythical figure. It will be intuitive, you will lead the process to create the divine vessel that is perfect for you. ⠀

You will experience ceremony as your doll is honoured and welcomed in community with other participants. ⠀

Workshop cost $300 (includes all materials)⠀
* Camping available⠀
* Ending time may vary⠀
* Your doll will be unique to you, it will not be the same as the images shown.

To learn more about Deborah visit her website at⠀

This workshop will take place at ⠀
By The Sea Apothecary @⠀
2124 Saratoga Rd. Black Creek⠀