20 BJourneying

Journeying is a process of entering into the Spirit realms for the purposes of healing, wisdom gathering, recovery of sacred familiar and/or soul pieces or meeting with ancestors.  This can be done on your behalf or you can learn to do it alone or accompanied by Deborah.

There are 3 levels to Spirit world:  Lower, Upper and the spiritual realm on this world.  Where the journey leads is dependent upon the intention of the work being done.


What does a session look like?

Once the purpose of the journey has been established and the intention made clear you will be asked to lay down (wear comfortable clothing) on a massage table.

Deborah will sit beside you and take hold of your arm, this is to establish a connection between you and she while the journey unfolds.  She will have a shamanic drum beat playing in order to facilitate her entering and exiting Spirit world.  The time of journey takes is unpredictable but normally 20 – 30 minutes is expected.

Once complete the journey is shared, again depending on the purpose, further ceremony may take place.