Are you interested in joining with community to discover ways in which your life; spiritually, physically and emotionally, can be in tune with the changing of the seasons, with nature’s perfect rhythm? This year-long journey will guide, inspire and nurture you as you unfold and progress through the Wheel of the Year.

Thank you for your interest in the “Journey through the Celtic Roth N Bliana (Wheel of the Year)”.

By honouring the Wheel of the Year within us, we begin to understand our own Wholeness, how balance is found within as we attune ourselves to the cycles of the natural world, each other and the Earth.

Mother Earth is alive.  She invites us to be in deep partnership with her not separate from Her.  We share Her rhythms.  Living in connection to Her cycles, Her rhythms and Her wheel, we are connected to the ever-turning process of creation and destruction, life and death.

Observing the 8 sacred days (four Quarter days that mark changes in the sky, and four Cross-quarter days that celebrate changes in the land) which mark the Wheel of the Year, we tune deeply to this foundational cycle and begin to work in congruence with the natural flow of life on Mother Earth.

As we mark these sacred times we connect with our human experience with Nature and the gap closes between these.  We see Earth in ourselves and care for both more deeply.

For more information I invite you to contact Deborah