How may I support you? Could you use a lift?

Hummingbird, aka Jamie Black, is a healer, bringing her gifts of joy and magic to excite, move and raise your soul, in the comfort of your own home.

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Are you feeling stagnant, low-energy, or doubting yourself?  Maybe you could use some energy to excite, move and raise you out of whatever it is that is stalling you. Hummingbird is here to expand your creativity and see where this journey will take you.  She is here to offer a Hummingbird Journey that ignites full creative expression in body, mind, and soul. 

What to Expect

Every healing session is different. Each person brings their own gifts, the star alignment, time of year and natural cycles of the Earth influence each journey. In general, there are a few key elements of a Hummingbird Journey, yet one can expect to be surprised, as spirit shows up in curious ways sometimes. Here is a list of general experiences that may guide your journey:

  • Guided Journeys – a closed-eye visualization guided by the voice of Hummingbird with a resonant drumbeat designed to empower you.
  • Facilitated Creativity – depending on your space, personal preferences and resources, this may occur with art, music or body movement.
  • Music and Visuals – are brought to elicit internal creativity.
  • Simple Rituals – cutting cords of attachment, work through emotional wounds and igniting a new sense of self.
  • Relaxation Massage – depending on the time allotted, a full body relaxation is available, as well as a localized deep tissue massage offered at the end of the journey.

For more information on cost and locations, please leave a detailed description of what it is that you are looking for in theCONTACT PAGE.

Hummingbird’s Journey

When Hummingbird works with you, she calls to her guides, spirit, and ancestors to guide her.  Hummingbird has practiced massage since 1995, generated her own connection to spirit her whole life learning about Qi Gong in 2005, and has found her signature in a Nature-based path, guided by her Celtic ancestors, training alongside Deborah Hollins since 2013.

Hummingbird’s medicine is with more visceral experiences; body movement, art, massage and drum journeys are her specialty. She carries with her tools that have found her that aid her and many in their own healing.

Hummingbird likes to think of herself as a hollow bone, where she is a facilitator of creativity allowing that what is meant to come. Some say she is a Bard, bringing the gifts of her Celtic ancestors to the ever-changing challenges of this new age. Her personal practice constantly invites her ancestors to guide her on her quest to help people thrive in life. 

As an artist, musician, producer, dancer, outdoor guide and teacher of children, youth and adults, Hummingbird is in practice with creativity every day.  She brings the energy and spirit of life from Nature into your home and facilitates a sound, grounding healing experience, designed by spirit, just for you.

For more information about your healing session, please CONTACT HUMMINGBIRD HERE.


March 1, 2019

“Omg. I had the most incredible shamanic experience and journey facilitated by Jamie, Hummingbird Journey, a guided visualization, sounds, drumming body movement. Connecting more deeply to yourself, spirit and nature. The healing relaxation massage amazing, feeling like a noodle yet exhilarated and freeing. Clear and focused Helped unlock what I truly want and don’t want in my life. The whole experience works in many different ways guided by spirit and lead by you. Jamie is amazing. I Highly recommend this unique experience. ” ~ Laila Knutsen

February 1, 2019

“I have had the pleasure of drawing Jamie on several occasions. Her openness and playful vitality revealed a soul I could easily connect with, which made drawing her effortless. I believe in her at a gut level and trust that what she has to offer the world is vulnerable and sincere, and therefore: real.: ~ Peter Leclerc