340fullSacred Familiar Retrieval

Events in our lives occur that can leave the marks of trauma upon our body, soul and mind. Trauma and the subsequent lack of constructive social responses to the survivor of trauma can result in the experience of loss of personal power; our power is taken from us, we forget who we are, and we give up on ourselves.

Sacred Familiar Retrieval ceremony is an ancient, sacred and empowering way of beginning the journey of discovery of what is available beyond the mundane world; the healing power of earth, the wisdom of ancestors and the connection to our birthright.

When we are born, an animal steps forward and makes the sacrifice to be our guide and protector in both this world and Spirit World and to walk us to our death. These beasts bring their instinctual strength and power to us and remind us that we, too, are instinctual beings that can reconnect with our self and our intuition. This results in seeing with eyes that are clearer, hearing with ears that are sharper, and speaking with a voice that is stronger. We are more at ease with sharing our truth, setting boundaries and valuing our energy and passions. The unique wisdom that your power animal embodies as a species will aid you in learning out the qualities you may need to develop in order to come back to your full power.


Prior to your appointment you are asked to:
• Refrain from non-prescription drugs/alcohol for 48 hours prior.
• Stay away from ‘junk’ food and unhealthy eating: try to consume whole, non-processed foods as much as possible for 48 hours prior.
• The evening before please set your intentions for the appointment. IE: “My intention is to receive my sacred familiar and to begin the journey of remembering my power.”

Bring to the appointment:
• A small rock or crystal; no bigger than a loonie. This will go into a medicine bundle after the ceremony.
• Wear comfortable clothes.
• Keep your mind open and your expectations free!

During the Ceremony:

  • You will be asked once again to set a steady and strong intention to call your Sacred Familiar to you.
  • A journey is undertaken to find the animal who has stepped forward for you in this life.
  • I will share the journey with you and together we can interpret any meaning that may be there.
  • You will receive guidance on how best to respect this powerful reciprocal relationship and receive the healing and support available to you.

After the Appointment:
• You are encouraged to keep the sacredness of the event to yourself for at least 3 days.
• You are encouraged to not tell people what your sacred familiar is unless there is a powerful reason for doing so.
• You are Discouraged from ‘googling’ the meaning of your sacred familiar, instead learning from the beast itself what it has to teach you. However, researching your animal’s species is fine.
• Refrain from drugs/alcohol for 48 hours after.

*Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet