Photo by Seth Hollins

After many years of seeking I found myself in Ireland…land of my Ancestors.  Walking upon her green, rolling hills and valleys I felt as though I was truly home.  I imagined walking in the steps of my ancestors and seeing the land through their eyes.  This had a deep impact on me and I began to realize the sense of being lost  that had plagued me was due to the disconnection between me and the great and ancient experience of my kind.  As I entered the ageless mounds of Ireland, sat in the dark centre of these wombs, I was overcome with tears from coming to a deep understanding of what is lost when we don’t know our roots, the stories of our folk, the rich and illustrious history of our clans, tribes and people.

I also came to hear the silent whispers of the earth in these places…whispers that illuminated my heart and spirit, guiding me to the knowledge that She is everywhere…not contained to one country but She is alive in all the lands and can reach from the shores of my ancestor’s country to the confines of my back yard, and through Her I can remember…

I have been blessed with amazing teachers – formal and informal.  I give thanks to each and every one.  Jaki Daniels (Earth & Sky Healing) and Fishwoman (Pauline Johnson), Ariel Learoyd (Mandala Whole Health), Eva Vigran (Core Connexion Dance) and Pat Quigley (Integrative Body Psychotherapy).  I have taken numerous courses in Celtic Shamanism and Druidism (I am a long-time member of An draiocht fein – A Druid Fellowship) and taught the same for many years.  I have a degree in Social Work.   I have trained in many counselling techniques and modalities, however I am not a licensed therapist.

My best teachers have been the women with whom I have sat in circle; danced, drummed, laughed and cried with, and been privileged to learn from their collective stories, wisdom and experiences.

Deborah Hollins

Vancouver Island – CANADA