Amazing Women/Healers that I co-create with!


Daphne Hollins is a lifelong learner and lover of all things broken.  Healing the mind, body and spirit through bodywork and yoga is her passion.  She has spent several years honing this craft, delving deep into several modalities to create a rich, fulfilling practice, which she loves to share with others.  For many years, Daphne has served as a leader in community and volunteer organizations, endeavouring to bring accessibility to all people in all pursuits.  A Registered Yoga teacher and Reiki Master, Daphne is also trained in Trauma Informed Yoga and Yoga Nidra.  Currently, Daphne is training in Ayurvedic bodywork as well as serving as Centre Director at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga.


Jamie Black: With energy of a Hummingbird and the ancestors of the Celts, Jamie stands in her power as a facilitator, teacher and Bard on her path in connection to the Earth. Over the years, Jamie has developed a deep understanding of herself, the Earth and Spirit, learning from her teachers and mentors, delving into her own Celtic journey, while remaining curious about the mystery and the unknown. Jamie’s intuitive sense of Hummingbird facilitation guides the dance of ceremony, tickling your senses with a rhythm deep within her bones, pollinating a true sense of connection.  Jamie is in service, following her calling to regenerate resilience as Nature intended.

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