Glimpsing the ocean, she remembers herself. At night she dreams of bones dancing in the old growth. In the daytime she lives in a state of chronic fuming. She hears her name in a raven’s call. The hot sun faintly stirs the heat resting between her thighs. She smells her scent when rain soaks the…Read more »


The fires of Beltane blaze fierce in the night filling the darkness with warmth and with light The veil is parting and whispers are heard “Submit to desire as your passion returns…” Beltane honours the miracle of Life. Occurring just as Summer begins to rise, the energies of Earth are at the most creative and active. …Read more »


Imbolc; that time of year when She is waking up, blessing the seeds and the tools needed for planting.  The time when we honour Brighid and tend to what has been germinating our own deep souls over the winter months, preparing for the inevitable growth that comes in the Spring. This is a wonderful time…Read more »

Tight Knot

A tight knot loosens and she can breathe. Her lungs releasing air in a surge from her lips – holding breath can end badly. When the letting go happens and the air finds a way, in the emptiness between the silent invisible space, there is possibility. In the small space where no one waits, there…Read more »


Mother Goddess descends her throne gives reign over to the Crone. Death sweeps across the earth making way for rebirth. Cerridwen I beseech you grant passage to your hall the dead spirits I sustain grant passage to them all… All within the good earth sleeps and gentle Mother does retreat to her chamber in the mound…Read more »