Dearest young one yet to come…

I hope for you a quiet place where the whispers of God are heard on the wind.
I hope for you unfettered access to our Mother Earth and her healing ways.
I pray you find your body manifested in the trees, the rivers, the dark rich soil and that you know the animals, birds and insects to be your brothers and sisters.
I pray you love and are loved with tenderness and compassion that ignites a fire within you to stand with the oppressed and stand for justice and peace.
I pray your courage takes the form of vulnerability and your hopes and dreams take the form of service to this Earth and all life within and upon her.

As I settled into a place to write this I find a small dead bird in a plastic bag, left by the lake under a tree.  Someone placed the poor creature here, I imagine, so her spirit could rest in beauty.

And I remove her from the plastic bag and dig for her a cradle in the Earth so she can return to the nurturing womb of our planet and feed the lives of those to come.

And this I do for you.

dchollins - 97 posts

I am a healer and artist on the West Coast of Canada – Vancouver Island. In a setting lush with cedar trees, ravens and misty mornings, I am learning about the Creator and the wisdom of Her Earth. I am a lover of all things wild.


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