When I feel free I can hear my own voice. I can let my tongue form words that speak what is true. There is an unlocking deep within, somewhere near my heart that opens a gateway to my Soul. When I feel free I do not confuse my voice with the voice of Spirit and my desires are no longer my own.

It does not matter where I sit or what surrounds me as I write – when I feel free I am everywhere. I am not a profound writer; I am not well versed in my language. Sometimes I cannot grasp a word and the feeling falls away. When I feel free none of that matters for I feel and that is enough.

I am continually discovering who I am – I love the journey I have taken; a journey to freedom.

I hear a crickets call – it is soothing with its rhythm and predictability. I see a flock of tiny birds darting here and there and I long to know connection like that. Tiny insects skim along the surface of the water, changing its course in their own small way.

My mistakes in this life are my greatest stories; complete with all the drama and the lessons of the fables. As a child I believed I was meant for something great and now I know I am. Living is a mighty and courageous act.

The critics’ voice within me may not be silent but it matters not, when I feel free.

I know I am good enough for Spirit.

Experiencing the expansiveness of freedom is as simple as surprising yourself by breaking out of the predictability you have structured in your life. Take off from work early and visit a park, explore the beauty of the natural world or walk in the rain and smell the fresh scent of Earth.

Freedom is within you, you only need to choose to release your wild self and run with the untamed.

5 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I know I am good enough for spirit. Wow! So true and so profound and yet so humble. I am smiling and crying at the same time. I know I am home. Thank you!
    Blessings, Kirsten

  2. I just posted a poem for D'Verse poetry pub today which arose out a huge mistake I made and so was interested in what you wrote about your greatest stories coming out of mistakes. Thank you for your courage and candor, it is refreshing!

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