Pebbles’ Sunrise

My sadness moved me to the sunrise today.
As I watched this most beautiful spectacle;
the impossible rise of fire in the sky,
I was not so impressed.

Sure, it was magnificent; the deep orange haze lighting the top of the mountains,
then the brilliant yellow orb bravely taking its rightful place.
I thought to myself, in that fleeting way, “I should do that.”

As my face warmed I closed my eyes and you were there beside me.
Ears perked up, deep dark eyes looking out over the ocean;
both of us gazing in the same direction.
I felt your small soft body rest against my hip and
sensed your rise of excitement at being on the beach.

Content for now to sit by my side but preparing to move beyond me…
there, into the horizon, to a place I cannot follow,
there, into the mystery, to be welcomed by this glorious sun.

Your life has been bigger then this fire could ever be;
more beautiful than this sky with its blue and gold,
more miraculous then the rising of the Sun.

How could any event move me after having known your perfect devotion?
How will any grand occurrence ever touch me again?

You have been enough and I have been blessed by your mighty love.

Your tail wags, your eyes squint into the sun
and I know it is time for you to go.
I will not keep you here;
even though every cell in my pounding heart cries out against releasing you.
I watch your small legs, sturdy now and sure, navigate the sand
and I am brought to a measure of peace to see no tremor in your steps.

I want to stop you with words, a million thank you’s for your life,
but there are not enough and it is time.

I see you – young again – your fur soft and shining,
reflecting the light.
As you turn to look at me for the last time
there is no gray upon your sweet face.
Then…you disappear into the glare of a sun that could never be
as magnificent as you.

Goodbye dear friend.
May I one day be the woman you saw in me.
May you bravely take your rightful place in the lap of God.

6 thoughts on “Pebbles’ Sunrise

  1. Beautiful post Deborah… they are such loyal and devoted friends, sharing themselves with us only for a short time. Sending love your way….

  2. Oh Deborah
    your words are so inspiring, you see and think with such beauty. I had tears rolling down my cheeks by the second stanza. Thank you for being you , and thank Pebbles for being your partner. May Pebbles journey well

  3. It's been 4 years since I lost my big beautiful Mojo and I've never heard it said so beautifully, thanks

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