Danu’s River

Danu’s River lives in me
Her blood is my blood
Where I flow so does She
We are ever bound.
I ride the surface, walk her shores
Dive deep beneath her waves
Her current carries me to my core
Where my truth is found.

3 thoughts on “Danu’s River

  1. You are so wonderfully anchoring for me Deborah. Since I have no earth signs in my astrological chart I live with my feet off the ground, guess that's partly why you are in my life and I am soooo glad you are! I love this piece…

  2. When I awoke from dreaming of being introduced to the new-to-me Goddess Danu, I rushed to find out more about Her with energy still zinging throughout my being. Lo I find your prose, singing out the prayer I have been sending out for two days now! I am completely flabergasted to see that you live in Nanaimo, as I live across the water on Salt Spring. Thank you for this!

  3. Isn't that amazing…how She can connect those that remember Her and are awakening to the power of our hearts and souls. I am happy my poem gave you confirmation of Her voice. I hope our paths cross one day.

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