The Invitation

I awake to a dark and rainy morning.
Outside the air smells fresh and alive.
The soil in my flower bed sparkles like
stars in the night sky.

I long to walk into the forest,
amongst the trees and bush,
boldly feeling my way to a small and quiet space.
The rain soaking my night dress and moistening my skin
so crisply
that I am aware of each tiny hair on my body
standing up in response.

I could truly know peace in such a place,
on such a morning.
Here, before the world around me begins to rise and stretch,
I am alone with the true Mother.
Here, I can dance to Her heartbeat,
my hips gently swaying under my now
wet and heavy nightgown.

Who does not long to follow
the whispering Earth?
Each of us daring,
as much as we are able,
to be led by the deepest stirrings of our
into the darkness.

(Photo by Philip)

3 thoughts on “The Invitation

  1. Thank You for including us on your journey. Your words help some of us caught up in the schedules of our lives to remember to feel our environment, to feel spirit in us and around us. Your words matter to us, as do you!

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