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June 11, 2023 10 – 5pm

Shamanic healing and Reiki are powerful healing traditions that have helped countless people.  Together, these two disciplines create an enhanced and profound experience of healing.  Combining the disciplines of Reiki and Shamanism, this course is for the individual who seeks to broaden their healing abilities.


You are invited to join in sacred connection as we weave together the individual and collective meaning that psychedelics has opened us to.

This is an eight-week closed group beginning March 28, 2023 to May 16th 2023

Registration deadline March 24th, 2023

(Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 830pm online)

Registration will include a brief intake form to assess your needs.

Cost is $160.00

Sliding scale available, contact Deborah for more information.



Soul Medicine Retreat Ireland March 2024

SOUL MEDICINE is a ceremonial journey carefully facilitated and rooted in ancient wisdom traditions that still call to us today. Through these we reconnect to our deepest and most authentic self.

This journey will take us to the undiscovered boundaries of our internal landscapes and allow us to unearth any blockages that are holding us back from a full and enriching life.


Friday Evening Healing Women’s Circle

(The circle is currently full….to be placed on a wait-list please email )

Spiritual gatherings based on healing in circles have existed since the dawn of humanity. Through ritual art and relics discovered throughout time, we know humans have gathered in circles to commune, feast and share stories. Early egalitarian societies honoured the powerful feminine forces of healing, deep listening and communication, dream work and meaning-making. Mother Earth was a central and crucial Creator to these ancient folks.

We continue this tradition, focusing on our relationship with Mother Earth through community, ritual, drumming, and ceremony. We honour the truth of all in the circle and seek to broaden our wisdom by weaving the threads to connect us to deep ancestral connection and memory.

We are building a supportive and loving community. Therefore, this is not a drop-in group and requires a commitment to attend on Friday evenings as regularly as possible. Missing 3 Friday’s in a row may result in being asked to review your commitment.

Friday evenings 630pm – until we are done

South Nanaimo

Please contact for details.

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